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Artist Profile – Laura Fawaz


Laura Fawaz is a photojournalist not only by degree, but also by passion.  As a child, she would always take her mom’s cameras to take pictures of anything and anyone.  Her passion for photography grew in high school when she took her first official photography class and was introduced to working in the black and white dark room.  Then in college, when pursuing  a career path, a guidance  counselor pointed out her strengths of writing, photography, and passion for the news media, and suggested photojournalism.   Laura has been grateful for that conversation all of her life. 


She graduated from Oakland University with a degree in broadcast journalism, and a double minor of Islamic Studies, and studio art, with a focus in photography.

After college she has worked in such freelance positions as a writer, reporter, event photographer, magazine editor, a broadcast reporter, an anchor, and a fine art photographer.  

All images are printed on canvas, wood, phone covers, eco-friendly water bottles, mugs, mouse pads, and of course framed, etc.  The diversity of subjects and places photographed are stunningly unique, such as the tearing down the old Tiger Stadium, The Fall Colors at The Henry Ford Estate, and the Eiffel Tower.


Laura still has a list of countries she’d like to dive herself into, so please stay turned for updates.  If anyone who has any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact Laura Fawaz. We’d also love to hear of what places you’d like Laura to go and photograph next!

Her attention to detail also shines through with her photo shoots, interviews, and photo stories.  Laura doesn't miss a thing, and is sure to make the person interviewed and being photographed feel comfortable, heard and that their story is understoof. 

Custom orders available on all products, though do require 5 extra business days.  Photography tours are also available by request.

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